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    Anita Sarkeesian, aka FeministFrequency, went on Kickstarter to fundraise. She wanted help to fund the creation of a webseries that critiques sexism in video games and video game culture.

    In response, several male gamers attacked her YouTube channel with threatening comments. Others drew pictures of her being sexually assaulted. Her physical address and phone number have been published on forums. Ostensibly, these retaliatory actions are supposed to silence her.

    Ben Spurr, who goes by @bendilin on Twitter, created an interactive game which invites players to literally brutalize Anita Sarkeesian. (image under cut.) “The game isn’t about ‘punching women.’ It’s about punching a selfish person. There’s a difference,” he says. 










    I’m MORTIFIED….I’m crying

    This is unbelievable.  For those unfamiliar, this is Anita Sarkeesian, who runs a great channel on youtube called FeministFrequency.  Recently she went on Kickstarter in the hopes of starting a project based on feminism and video games.  She received a slew of negative criticism, including threats.  The latest response?  This game, in which players are asked to attack her.  Yes, I can see that it’s been taken down.  I think it’s a perfect example of misogyny in our culture though, that someone thought this was an acceptable response in the first place.


    Hahahaha Anita got exactly what she deserved. Hard-lined l3sbian/feminist man-hater with nothing better to do than scam innocent straight men out of their sperm, and the rest of the world out of their money - because she has a vagina, and vaginas SELL. Might just as well have made herself stand on the street corner, selling her vagina to passers-by. Hats-off to the 25 year old male in Ontario, Canada. He’s probably been messed-over by a butchy lesbian, himself. This is a great way to strike back, without going to jail.

    i want some people to cease to exist

    That right there is fucking terrible.

    Seriously…. but there are no problem with video games world, no sirree!

    So. The shuttle to Mars. Is that still on the table? I have a few passengers in mind.

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